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GPSS 'Walkers Page'

Created 1200 Wednesday 21st January 1998

Hi Walkers ! This and the 'Bikers Page' are new, but I thought it was time to make a link available on our homepage. Over the last year I have been in email or direct conversation with many GPS enthusiasts who carry GPS - even if they do not carry a computer around with them. It is only a matter of time before Windows95 PCs such as the Libretto get even smaller - and cheaper - so GPSS 'on foot' is not so fanciful: In fact one Yorkshire TV programme has already dealt with this subject. ("we are on the footpath, near footbridge over the stream"). But for the moment, it is more likely GPSS will be used 'on the desk' back at home, to play back a journey recorded in a Garmin GPS unit, then downloaded into the desktop PC using the free GARDOWN software on this web site.

I hope to put more information onto these pages soon, including data for UK rambers such as where Public Footpaths are, but for the moment I can only say "watch this space" - or perhaps contact me if you have something to contribute.

Some of you in the UK may wish to contact Gordon Ayers, who has written some free software called ROWDAM, for "Rights Of Way Database And Monitor", which is used in a number of Rambler Groups in England and Wales. Gordon recently contacted Robin, and we are investigating options such as access to some of the footpath data from GPSS. It is possible that we may make data, or the ROWDAM software available from this web site. Note that Gordon does not currently hold data outside of his local area in Essex - but he provides the ROWDAM software, and has contact with others who have been using ROWDAM. For a standard leaflet on ROWDAM, please send a stamped addressed envelope to:
Gordon Ayers, 9 Melbourne Rd, ILFORD, Essex IG1 4LF
If you wish to call Gordon, he is on 0181 554 1886

If you are interested in helping us collect footpath data, in GPSS format such as GTX files, using your GPS unit - and you know what a UK Grid reference is (e.g. SU123567) - then why not contact Gordon or myself ?

Robin Lovelock, January '98.